My Initial Thoughts on IBM’s Acquisition of Red Hat: Open Source, ICS, and Culture 

By Bill Malchisky | 10/29/18 2:57 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

As you most likely heard, on Sunday, 28 October, IBM and Red Hat (RH) announced their longstanding collaboration efforts will become permanent: IBM is acquiring Red Hat. In watching the Twitter threads rooted on the announcements, many die-hard independent pro-Linux geeks became irate simply because they felt Red Hat was the firm to keep enterprise corporations in-check, not join them. In the words of Red Hat's Paul Cormier, "Today is a banner day for open source."--See Red Hat Link 4 below. In speaking/chatting with several people in the IBM Community Sunday evening to learn their concerns and perspectives, along with Mr. Cormier, I too offer a more optimistic take.