Implemented the ID switching application for HCL Nomad  

By Masahiko Miyo | 3/18/20 11:05 AM | Development - Leap / Volt | Added by Oliver Busse

I am an Android user, so I can use HCL Nomad at last. I usually use HCL Nomad, I noticed that I can NOT switch ID. Since I have only one smartphone, I inconvenience verification test. So, I thought about 'how to switch ID'.

HCL Domino Volt Open Beta  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 3/10/20 6:19 AM | Development - Leap / Volt | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Want to try HCL Domino Volt and join Beta testing? Now is the time to register.

Amsterdamned #engageug #dominoforever #hcldigital  

By Oliver Busse | 3/5/20 2:48 PM | Development - Leap / Volt | Added by Renan Ek Rendon

I am currently sitting in my hotel room near Amsterdam Schipol airport. I missed my flight in the morning because the Dutch train canceled several connections and the train I was in finally also had delays due to technical issues on the track. Another delay resulted in the need to change the train at Amsterdam Central. Anyway, I didn't make it in time, I was about 1 hour late. But why I am here?

Engage 2020 – Day 2 – Summary  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 3/5/20 1:29 PM | Development - Leap / Volt | Added by Oliver Busse

Although Day 1 was long, the start of Day 2, which was already at 8 am, did not allow much rest. The composition of the program did not allow a thorough tour of the zoo, but Burgers’ Ocean really surprised me.