HCL Sametime 11 FP1 – Send Push Notifications via Web Proxy   

By Milan Matejic | 7/28/20 1:10 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

As of today, with the current version of HCL Sametime Proxy Server, there is no supported Sametime configuration which will enable you to send APNs or GCM push notifications via Web Proxy server. This feature will be implemented in future releases. Keep that in mind when planing your Sametime Deployment. HCL Traveler and HCL Connections…

HCL Sametime 11 & SSO via Sametime Embedded Client in Notes Basic Client  

By Milan Matejic | 7/24/20 1:42 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

On a customer site I had to make sure that users are able to authenticate via HCL Sametime Embedded Clients, inside of HCL Notes 9.0.1 Basic Client, using Domino SSO (LTPA). After installing the HCL Sametime 11 Community Server, and applying the standard configuration, the login via Domino SSO for Sametime embedded clients inside of HCL Notes standard or eclipse clients worked without any issues. But we had to make some configuration changes in the “sametime.ini” file to make the same work for ST Embedded clients inside the HCL Notes basic clients.