NSL Support for Notes 11.0.1 on Citrix  

By Daniel Nashed | 8/7/20 1:08 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Andi Kress

NSL (Notes Shared Login) uses Windows Data Protection API (DP-API) to protect the internal long&secure password set to the Notes.ID when NSL is enabled. In earlier releases the DP API was binding the encrypted data to the machine and it could not roam. It's not 100% clear when this changed, but with current Windows version taking the encrypted file to another machine with a windows roaming profile will work.

Updated: C-API - NIFReadEntries with SIGNAL_MORE_TO_DO in combination with NIFFindByName  

By Daniel Nashed | 8/7/20 1:07 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Andi Kress

Yesterday I have been debugging an application issue in my sync tool. It was a very strange behavior which finally lead me to the following. This is only interesting for my C-API development friends in the community and if you use NIFReadEntries for more than 16351 entries you should check your application.