Sametime Meetings Premium internally without Google STUN servers  

By Daniel Nashed | 12/28/20 2:38 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

We ran into this today. A customer is using ST Meetings Premium in their intranet and have no connection outside. This isn't only a challenge for software installation and updates, but also causes issues with ST meetings if the Google STUN servers cannot be reached. Side note: The update from Pre-Release to Premium by the way just took 1 hour for the meeting server, community server and proxy server all togehter! A STUN server is actually a TURN server, taking care that server and client can talk to each other if a NAT environment is involved. This can hit you even in an intranet depending on the network segmentation with IPv4 addressing. In case NAT is involved you would need an internal TURN server. If no NAT is involved you still have to disable the Google STUN servers.